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2017: A Year of Exciting Growth for LightBound

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The year 2017's numbers standing up on a flat surface surrounded by a lit string of lightsWe want to start by saying thank you to everyone who helped make 2017 a tremendous success for LightBound! We've added multiple new services, welcomed talented employees to our team, enhanced our current offerings, increased sales, formed new partnerships, and so much more.

With the new year on the horizon, this blog is dedicated to celebrating all of our successes in 2017 and taking the time to be thankful for everyone who has played a part in making this year at LightBound a great one. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2018!

- Jack Carr, CEO

New Services Added 

We expanded our portfolio offerings in 2017 to provide our customers even more helpful solutions and  the best offerings in cloud services, including:

Disaster Recovery as a Service depicted as a simple cloud icon with a lock inside itDisaster Recovery as a Service:  Many businesses remain vulnerable to disaster, with 3 out of 4 at risk of failing to "make the grade for Disaster Recovery Preparedness."

This year, we added a new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) product to our Cloud Portfolio, and are able to offer this service to anyone around the globe. 

DRaaS allows organizations to protect their systems and data against man-made and natural catastrophes through real-time replication and fail-over recovery for server workloads to an off-site location. 

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Wireless failover icon as a wi-fi symbol encircled by an arrow in black and white

Wireless Failover: Internet outages can hit companies hard with lost time and money. With Wireless Failover, we offer businesses the best way to fight back against downtime. Wireless failover helps businesses stay connected, reduce installation intervals, and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere.

Our backup wireless WAN solution can provide diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications, quick deployment of new applications, remote locations or mobile workers, and consistent network connectivity. At LightBound, we not only offer two connections, but ten for the ultimate in network reliability.

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SMS chat icon depicted as a chat bubble loading textSMS Connectivity for Accession Mobile: SMS connectivity for Accession is a new product that allows users to send and receive text messages on their business telephone number when utilizing Accession for desktop and mobile. In addition to eliminating the desk phone, adding presence and chat capability, easier access to features, and click to dial, there are many more features a user will find that makes communication easier.

We also kept our clients up-to-date this year with version 2.24 of Accession Communicator for Mobile (the Hosted Voice mobile app), greatly improving the user experience with Accession on Apple IOS 10.

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A black and white headset icon depicting cloud contact center

Cloud Contact Center/Call Center: Regardless of industry, today’s customers are increasingly relying on their overall customer experience when it comes to selecting vendors or services, and contact centers are no exception. 

LightBound’s Contact Center Solution is a cloud-based phone system that makes your employees more productive and simplifies your business. It provides cost savings, scalability, and delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining any hardware on your premise.

Unlike most Contact Center solutions, LightBound’s solution is built into our Service Provider network at the source, meaning superior reliability, easier adoption, and faster, more accurate resolution times.

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A black and white icon showing three people connected as a networkMPLS: In today’s world of security compromises and exposures, having a secure network is vital to the ongoing health of organizations. Through “labeling," MPLS offers the opportunity for greater IP-based protocol security. This flexibility and control are becoming requirements for companies which need enhanced privacy and security for their networks. 

Many organizations are looking at Metro-Ethernet solutions vs. the typical MPLS environment, which is a flexible and beneficial option. However, Ethernet is not everywhere and MPLS provides scalability and turnkey options not available with Metro-Ethernet. For those in an industry, such as healthcare or financial services, that are mandated by federal law to have SIP, MPLS is a great option that we've added to our portfolio. 

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Black and white wi-fi icon to show wireless access pointsWireless Access Points: Poor Wi-Fi can lead to frustrated end users, damaged brand perception, and a negatively impacted bottom line. For companies dealing with weak or spotty Wi-Fi, this year we've added the ability to locate, map, and optimize the placement of wireless access points (WAPs or APs) to improve Wi-Fi quality.  

WAPs make it possible for wireless devices to connect to a wired network and are an essential part of any Wi-Fi system. LightBound’s service enables you to create an inventory or map of WAPs, discover rogue WAPs, ensure your network design is optimized, and more.

Check out the testimonial of LightBound's Wireless AP solutions from Torchlite's Co-Founder and CTO, Dustin McCormick, on our blog.

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Black and white firewall iconNext Generation Firewall (NGFW) Service: Next-generation firewalls help prevent the growing number of application attacks taking place on layers 4-7 of the OSI network stack. NGFW works better and faster than traditional firewalls to control the traffic that is able to enter and exit a network.

Although there are many NGFW services on the market, LightBound has the unique expertise to implement and manage these devices across your network. Since next-gen firewalls provide more power, features, and functions, proper set-up and ongoing management are more important than ever.

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A real life image of LightBound's 10,000 sqft fourth floor datacenter

Enhanced Services

In 2017, we built out our 4th floor datacenter so that it now consumes up to 3 Megawatts and is a whopping 10,000 square feet. In Indy and Chicago, we enhanced our services for switch migration for Voice Geodiversity and did a complete cloud refresh on our servers and storage.

For our NOC, we did a complete video monitoring refresh and made significant enhancement to SolarWinds Monitoring. In addition, we made many security and access enhancements, and upgraded to Network Core for ISP services. 

Data Cave's logoThe Union 525's logo

Sales Growth

LightBound saw a huge growth in sales in 2017, including doubling our revenue for Hosted PBX Services. We also formed two new partnerships this year:

  1. Data Cave: located in Columbus, IN, Data Cave is a purpose-built, fully redundant Indiana data center, and is used for LightBound's DRaaS services

  2. The Union 525: LightBound provides fiber-based Internet service in The Union 525, a new Indy “Tech Space,” offering Internet speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The property features 122,000 square feet of office space and services the emerging, high-growth tech market in Indy. 

A new employee at an office being greeted by two other employees

New Employees 

We added five new employees this year to our incredible LightBound team. Each team member provides new expertise to offer the best single-sourcing solutions possible to our customers. Be sure to read our employee spotlight series on our blog. 

In our Voice Department, we welcomed Brady Rau and Ron Davis. In our Sales Department, we welcomed Mitch Woods and Matt Freel. And in our Engineering Department, we welcomed Ben Cunningham. You can read all of their bios below. 

In addition, we are pleased to report 100% retention of our talented Network Operations Center (NOC) employees and the promotion of Jake Zupancic to vice president of sales. 


Brady Rau

Headshot of LightBound's Brady Rau

Brady is originally from Russellville, Ohio and currently lives in Edgewood, KY, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has a wife, Christy, and five children, Zoe (21), Austin (19), RJ (16), Sammy (6), & Stephanie (4).

Brady enjoys time away for rest and relaxation, either at the beach or in the mountains.  His family also likes spending as much time as possible in the Florida Keys, which they like to refer to as their home away from home. 

Brady has been involved in telecommunications for roughly 24 years, with most of that time spent with Cincinnati Bell Telephone.  With CBT, Brady supported the 5ESS wireline switching network & the Metaswitch switching elements. 

Brady also helped to support their wireless network, SS7 & AIN elements, &, to a lesser degree, their sonnet/transport network.  He saw his first Stromberg step by step switch in a small GTE CO in the very early ‘80’s.  Telecom has changed a lot over the years and he's been blessed to be involved.   

Headshot of LightBound's Matt Freel


Matt Freel

Matt comes to LightBound as an Account Executive with the sole focus of bringing new business to our team.  He hails from the greatest school known to man, otherwise known as Indiana University (HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!) where his studies were focused on Political Theory (B.A. Political Science). 

When he was not nose-deep in Machiavelli, Plato and Thomas Paine (or let’s be honest, Kilroys) he was supporting the Hoosier Basketball and Football teams as a member of the Indiana University Cheerleading Program. 

He has since coached high school and collegiate cheerleading programs while also being in full-time sales at a local third-party logistics company before joining LightBound. Matt still likes to make the trek up to his hometown of Hartford City, Indiana where he grew up on the farm and learned many of the values that his family instilled in him and make up who he is today.

When he isn’t representing LightBound to future customers, Matt can be found on the north side at his home reading or socializing with friends.  He likes to be active by way of social sports, working out (sparingly) or adventuring outdoors (fishing, hunting, shooting, off-roading, building fires, you name it).

At the end of the day though, he’s just a sales guy.

Headshot of LightBound's Mitch Woods


Mitch Woods

Mitch moved to the Indianapolis area around 12 years ago and has worked in the financial services industry for the last 10 years. 

He recently left the financial industry to participate in the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp and pursue a sales career in the tech industry. Through the bootcamp, he participated in several short sales internships at local tech companies around Indianapolis. 

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys traveling, spending time with his adopted Dachshund, mountain biking, skiing, and being outdoors.

Headshot of LightBound's Jake Zupancic

LightBound Names VP of Sales

This year, LightBound promoted Jake Zupancic to vice president of sales. Jake has worked in various positions for LightBound for the past three years. Some of these positions include client account manager, account executive, and most recently, senior account manager.

Zupancic is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and currently serves on the board for Special Olympics Indiana. 

LightBound's logo

Our 2017 Year In Review

It's been an amazing year at LightBound. We are thankful for our customers that we would not be here without, our employees that make everything happen, and for our clients trust of LightBound with its telecommunication needs for over twenty years.

What will 2018 bring? We can't wait to find out and share some of our plans with you. For now, we celebrate our successes and bid 2017 farewell. Cheers to a great year!

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December 12, 2017 / by Dane Dittemore