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3 Resources to Banish Your Fear of the Data Loss Monster

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Shadow of a werewolf lurking in the dark

Is the data loss monster lurking under your bed, keeping you up at night? Do you worry when it will strike next, crippling your business’s operations or damaging customer trust?

Data loss is frightening, but we have good news for you! There are many resources that can help you mitigate risks and gain peace of mind, taking the power away from the lurking threat and placing it in your hands. That way, the data loss monster will be the one who’s afraid of you.

In this blog, we share three data loss prevention resources that will protect your business’s data, banishing your fear of the data loss monster for good.

Burning, fiery eyes piercing out of darkness

1. Gremlin: An “App-Crashing Toolkit”

You may wonder how intentionally crashing your apps would help you prevent data loss, but the app-crashing toolkit called Gremlin will help you do exactly that. Gremlin is a monster ready to wreak havoc, but it has very good intentions for doing so, which The Hustle describes as “orchestrated chaos.”

Designed to break and overload your systems, “Gremlin simulates outages and bugs in a controlled setting to help companies identify weaknesses before their real systems crash.” Your engineers can gain practice with Gremlin so that when a crash happens, they’re well-prepared to get systems back up and running.

If you think your employees could use realistic, hands-on training, Gremlin could be the perfect solution to improve their confidence and abilities during disaster scenarios.

The word "Gamification" written in chalk with mechanical designs on a blackboard

2. Gamification of Cybersecurity Training

TechRepublic shared these data loss findings:

  • 90% of data-loss incidents studied involved phishing or the social engineering of end users. - Verizon's 2017 Data Breach Digest
  • More than 90% of the participating organizations felt vulnerable to insider malicious behavior or inadvertent errors by end users. - Cybersecurity Insiders, 2018

Even the best and brightest of your employees can serve as a huge security vulnerability, especially when they don’t take cybersecurity training seriously or fail to follow guidelines even though they’re aware of best practices.

If you fear the data loss monster may target your employees, gamification of cybersecurity could be the new approach to training you need. Gamification is “taking what's fun about games and applying it to situations that aren't much fun—like how to block the next hacker from infiltrating a company's network."

Gamification of training makes learning about cybersecurity more engaging while encouraging good behavior through rewards. It can even open a dialogue among employees about the proper handling of data.

Computer Weekly reports that “hackathons, capture-the-flag, red team-blue team or bug bounty programs are the most common” gamification exercises, and 96% of organizations “that use gamification in the workplace report seeing benefits.”

Your business can host its own training, or you can find a cybersecurity gamification provider that offers online courses, in-person training, or other events to prepare employees.

Red skull symbol on top of gray fading computer code as a ransomware concept

3. Cybersight RansomStopper

The top variety of malicious software in 2018 is ransomware, having been found in 39% of malware-related data breaches, which is double compared to last year. Ransomware is used by hackers to hold your business's data or applications for a costly ransom, restricting access to data by encrypting your files. Even if you pay the ransom, you may not get your data back.

Thankfully, you can prepare your defenses with RansomStopper, a ransomware detection tool that proactively protects your devices from ransomware, surpassing the capabilities of typical antivirus software.

Cybersight’s RansomStopper “attempts to analyze running processes for behavior consistent with that of ransomware,” instead of basic write-protecting of folders from unknown programs.

RansomStopper features:

  • Email alerts
  • Report generation
  • A web-based administration system
  • Support for Windows Server
  • Works alongside your pre-existing antivirus program

RansomStopper makes it easy to proactively defend your business rather than taking on the more difficult (and often more costly) task of ransomware remediation.

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Need Help in the Fight?

The data loss monster may be hiding around every corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fortify your defenses. With resources like Gremlin, gamification of cybersecurity training, and RansomStopper, you can take preventative action against data loss threats to gain the peace of mind your business deserves.

Is the fear of data loss keeping you up at night? Sign up today for a free, one-hour, no-commitment tech assessment with LightBound. We’ll help you determine your risks and what actions you can take to secure your data and sleep well at night. 



October 22, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore