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5 Reasons Your Business Needs IaaS

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Most businesses want and need the power of cloud computing, but it rarely makes sense to DIY buying and managing your own hardware due to the high cost and burden that comes with it. That’s where Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) comes in, offering relief from the demands of buying and managing your infrastructure while allowing your business to reap the rewards.

In this blog, we define IaaS and share five key benefits your business needs.

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing service where a third-party provider purchases, installs, and manages data center infrastructure for you, allowing your business pay-as-you-go use of storage, networking, and computing resources via the Internet.

Your business is responsible for buying and managing software, including your operating systems and applications, but your provider will handle the infrastructure side of cloud computing for you. This includes managing, servicing, and supporting physical data center components such as servers, storage, networking, virtualization, cabling, and more.

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Why You Need IaaS

There are five major benefits of IaaS that make it a clear choice for many businesses when it comes to cloud services.

1. Cost-Efficiency

With IaaS, you will save money up-front because you don’t need to purchase or install infrastructure. You’ll reduce risk because your provider will ensure compliance regulations are met and everything’s implemented properly. Down the road, you won’t have to pay to keep up with new technology, regulations, or broken and outdated hardware.

Without hardware to install, manage, and maintain, you won’t need to take on the cost of hiring a whole new team of in-house data center infrastructure experts. You’ll also save money thanks to the flexible pay-per-use model of IaaS, enabling you to rent and use resources when you need them, and only for as long as you need them.

2. Easier Management for Freedom and Flexibility

Want to free up your team and let them get back to what they do best? IaaS takes the burden off of their shoulders (and yours) by handling troubleshooting, maintenance, stability, security, reliability, and support for you.

You won’t have to worry about buying and managing your own physical servers and data center infrastructure, nor will you be tied down by them. If your business’s HQ or other building needs to move, you won’t have to deal with moving infrastructure with it. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to manage your systems from anywhere.

If you already have a full-fledged team of experts in-house that are experienced in installing and maintaining data center hardware, IaaS may not be for you. But if you don’t, IaaS allows you to have a whole team of experts on your side to ensure proper installation, compliance, and continued service.

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3. Quick Scalability and Flexibility

If your business is new, testing out ideas, or has constantly fluctuating workloads, IaaS is an ideal solution. It enables you to quickly scale cloud resources up or down without penalty and without a huge initial investment.

You won’t pay for resources you don’t need and can quickly add more resources when you do, allowing you to get new products and services to market faster.

And if you foresee a different solution as your business grows? IaaS can be a smart starting point to avoid a large upfront investment as you determine your business needs.

4. Improved Reliability, Stability, Support

When your network provider is different than your data center provider, it’s difficult to ensure cohesive, reliable access to cloud services and your Internet of Things (IoT) won’t function well. This makes it crucial to choose a provider that offers network services in addition to IaaS services, enabling your business to enjoy smooth connectivity and support when something goes wrong.

Choosing a provider that handles both network and IaaS will allow you to enjoy improved reliability, stability and support. Be sure your provider offers 24/7/365 support and visibility to keep everything up and running.

5. Improved Resiliency

Data security is essential when it comes to the cloud, as no business wants to deal with the cost of downtime or data loss. A solid IaaS provider will offer an option to implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) services, which can be difficult and costly to achieve in-house.

BC/DR services like DRaaS, Next Generation Firewall, and more can ensure your data is protected and quickly recoverable should anything happen. IaaS makes these services readily available and more affordable through your provider.

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Ready for IaaS?

IaaS isn’t the right fit for every business, but for many, its advantages make it a clear winner compared with other service options. From huge cost savings and gaining back precious time and energy for your team, to reduced risks and increased scalability and flexibility, IaaS is the service many businesses need.

Once you’ve decided on Infrastructure as a Service, choosing the right provider will be key to success. LightBound offers both network and cloud services, BC/DR options to keep your data secure, and 24/7/365 support where you can put names to faces.

Want to learn more about IaaS? Sign up today for a FREE, no-obligation, one-hour tech assessment with LightBound. Our experts will help you determine whether Infrastructure as a Service is right for your business and answer any questions you might have.



September 19, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore