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5 Signs Your University Needs LightBound's Cloud Contact Center

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Your university call center is a cornerstone of school communications, necessary for solving problems, answering questions, reaching out, and providing information. It directly influences the perceptions of your partners, donors, faculty, potential students, current students, and more. This means that how well your call center functions directly impacts the financial health and brand perception of your university.  

Is Your University Call Center Lifting You Up or Dragging You Down?

For many universities, their call center isn't what it used to be and they're missing out on huge benefits by staying complacent. Switching to a new, better solution has the ability to boost your university's brand perception, functionality, and bottom line.

In this blog, we cover five signs that your current university call center is overdue for a switch to LightBound's Cloud Contact Center and why it's worth the switch.

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1. Your Current Call Center is Aging and No One Knows How to Support It

Your outdated system is costing you time, money, sanity, quality of communications, and even the confidence of others in your solutions and university as a whole. On top of this, those that manage your call center technology are retiring, leaving no one with the knowledge to maintain it behind.  

With our Cloud Contact Center, your university won't suffer from old tech—it will thrive with the best technology offering superior reliability, easier adoption, and faster, more accurate resolution times. Plus, you won't have to worry about who will stick around to manage it. Our systems are installed and continually supported by LightBound's expert employees, meaning your university won't have to handle a thing.  Male and female call center avatar icons with a faceless man and woman wearing headsets with colorful speech bubbles conceptual of a university call center or cloud contact center2. You're Dropping Calls or Have Poor Call Quality

Dropped or poor quality calls cost time and money, in addition to negatively impacting the brand perception of your school by anyone on the other end of the line. Consider your university's latest fundraising campaign seeking donors over the phone. If you're dropping calls, you might lose the interest and contributions of busy donors.

With our Cloud Contact Center, you can say goodbye to dropped calls. LightBound is a CLEC, Managed Carrier Provider, and an ISP all in one, which gives us the control and accountability to ensure superior reliability and call quality.

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3. Your Call Center Agents and Those on the Receiving End are Frustrated

Your outdated, complicated-to-manage call center hardware is the opposite of user-friendly. It frustrates those that operate the call center as well as those on the receiving end that face long wait times or dropped calls. Keeping your call center up-to-date is a costly hassle that's been ignored yet desperately needed.

With our Cloud Contact Center, there's no on-premise hardware to manage, saving you time and hassle. Your employees will be happier and more productive thanks to a simplified, working system. They'll also enjoy features that improve their experience and the experience of those on the receiving end, including inbound voice queues, outbound and blended voice queues, automated call-back, and much more.  

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4. Your University Has Multiple Locations

Unified communications is essential for universities spread across multiple geographic locations, but purchasing new hardware and keeping everyone in-sync and up-to-date is costly and difficult to achieve successfully. If your university is growing, you're probably looking at the cost of connecting your various locations and wondering if there's a better way.

With our Cloud Contact Center you can achieve seamless, remote communications easily and cost-effectively no matter how spread out your university buildings or offices are located. And each time you gain a new location, there's no need to buy additional hardware.    

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5. You Wonder if There's a More Cost-Effective Solution

You may feel the need to hire more employees to keep your call center up and running, which is costly in the long-term. Depending on how well your call center is working, you may also be losing money from dropped calls and a negative brand perception. With hardware-based solutions, it's expensive to keep your system up-to-date and you're paying additional costs to keep and use it on-premise.  

With our Cloud Contact Center, you'll have a low, up-front cost and a predictable monthly expense—you pay only for what you need. Our solution is up to 45% less expensive than comparable hardware-based solutions. You'll get flexible technology that can grow with you and software that is seamlessly and automatically updated over LightBound's network.

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Why LightBound's Cloud Contact Center?

If any of these signs remind you of your current university call center, you might be ready to upgrade to a Cloud Contact Center. But choose your provider wisely. Many providers will offer you a solution but disappear or become unreachable when you need customer support.  

One university we partnered with switched to LightBound for that very reason. We were able to provide the hands-on knowledge, attention, and support that their previous big-name provider couldn't offer.  

At LightBound, we care. We're there for our customers to ensure complete satisfaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can put names to faces with the attention of our expert employees and rest assured knowing your solution is in the best hands.  

If you're interested in finding out what solution is best for your university, sign up for a FREE, one-hour consultation today. Or, download our Buyer's guide to help you evaluate the differences among potential Contact Center providers.


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March 14, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore