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Is Your BC/DR Solution the Best for a Virtual Environment?

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The virtualization of data centers was a huge leap forward for IT, and organizations gained increased flexibility, control, and cost savings. Yet, the full benefits of virtualization aren’t realized by many organizations because most application technologies for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) initiatives are tied to the physical environment, explains a Zerto white paper. While these solutions work in the virtual environment, they aren't optimized for it, which is crucial to receiving the full benefits and capabilities of virtualization.  

Physically-bound BC/DR solutions including array-based, guest/OS-based, and appliance-based replication each present problems to a virtual environment.

Array-based Replication Offers Insufficient Granularity

Array-based replication products only work with the specific storage solution already being used, effectively locking organizations into a single vendor. It requires multiple points of control, is inflexible, and is unable to "see" virtual machines and configuration changes. The constantly-changing, complicated mapping between virtual disks and array volumes leads to management challenges and additional overhead.   

Guest/OS-based Replication is Impossible to Scale

Guest/OS-based replication solutions are more portable and manageable than array-based solutions. However, they are unfit for high-scale enterprise environments because they have to be installed on each individual physical and virtual server, limiting scalability and the making it impossible to implement and manage. In addition, a guest/OS-based solution is incapable of protecting full multi-server enterprise applications because they are designed to only replicate single servers. 

Appliance-based Replication Means More Moving Parts

While appliance-based replication solutions are more flexible than array-based replication solutions and do not consume array resources, they are still hardware-based and locked into a single platform. The replication code runs on an external, physical appliance rather than inside the storage arrays. This solution lacks granularity and requires dual points of management. Worst of all, this solution introduces more moving parts, meaning more management complexity and inevitably more hardware bottlenecks.  

Why Hypervisor-based Replication is the Best BC/DR for Virtual Environments

Physical BC/DR solutions for virtual environments prevent the full benefits and capabilities from being received. Thankfully, there is a solution that is optimized for virtual environments without any of the detriments of physically-bound solutions. LightBound's hypervisor-based replication solution delivers enterprise-class, virtual replication, and BC/DR capabilities for the data center and the cloud.  

Hypervisor-based replication offers several features and benefits:

  • Granularity: the virtual manager, installed directly inside the virtual infrastructure is able to tap into a virtual machine's IO stream, making it more efficient, accurate, and responsive than prior methods
  • Scalability: continuous replication with zero impact on application performance
  • Ease of management: no guest-host requirements or additional hardware footprint
  • Server and storage motion: quickly move virtual machines around from one physical server or array logical unit (data store) to another
  • Hardware-agnostic: fully agnostic to storage source and destination, able to replicate to anything from anything   
  • Application-centric protection: enterprise applications are recovered with consistency, regardless of underlying infrastructure at a virtual level for both storage and server locations
  • Superior Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO): achieves RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes

How Hypervisor-based Replication Helps Your Business

LightBound's hypervisor-based replication technology ultimately means the best efficiency and bottom line for your business. It is specially designed for the virtual environment, positioning your business for growth and optimizing your business continuity and disaster recovery activities.   

Don't let your BC/DR solution hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, including hypervisor-based replication, and our full Cloud portfolio.  


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