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Change is Constant. Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Keeping Up?

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What's your recovery plan when disaster strikes your business? Anything from flooding and cyber- attacks to spilled coffee can mean data loss or downtime for your business, taking a potentially devastating toll on your bottom line and brand reputation.

"But I have a plan," you say. "I call Bob and Bob calls human resources. We have the steps to recover on paper all written out and safely stored in a binder. It will only take about two weeks to sort everything out and get back to normal."

And while you're trying to get back to normal your business is on hold and suffering. Your customers and employees are frustrated. And situations like these aren't anomalies—devastating disasters strike businesses constantly—and the threats are increasing.

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Just before Easter, the City of Atlanta was targeted by a cyber-attack that crippled their ability to function. Scrambled data prevented access to critical systems and "plunged the Southeastern U.S. metropolis into technological chaos and forced some city workers to revert to paper."

It was more than embarrassing—it was costly and significantly affected those living and working in Atlanta. If there's one lesson learned, it's that changes to disaster recovery (DR) solutions should be made now so that there isn't a repeat.

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Not Keeping Your DR Strategy Up-to-Date with Tech Changes is a Vulnerability

As CIO or IT Director, your biggest challenge is likely managing change. Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard for your technical IT resources to manage all of the changes happening in your environment. We know you’re familiar with the pain of managing:

  1. Hardware and hardware upgrades
  2. Operating systems, OS upgrades, and patches
  3. Application upgrades and patches
  4. Browser versions and compatibilities
  5. Disparate storage devices and technologies
  6. Databases

It's no small task to manage these changes, and it is crucial that your DR strategy can keep up. If your DR strategy is not kept up-to-date with tech changes, then your business is left vulnerable.

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DRaaS: How You Can Stay Up-to-Date and Protected without the Burden

Is your business' DR strategy struggling to stay on top of tech changes? Would you rather pass off the burden to a provider that can keep your business safer than ever while saving you from burdensome tasks, wasted time, and frustration?

LightBound is here to help. With our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you won't have to worry about keeping up with business changes that affect your recovery—we can auto-incorporate them into the LightBound platform. You'll get an "executable plan" for disaster recovery, where you essentially push a button and voilà—you're recovered!

LightBound's DRaaS provides data recovery in minutes. In the time it takes a typical business to figure out the problem, LightBound can already have it fixed. You'll be safe against ransomware, natural disasters, human error, or any other data risk. Plus, you'll enjoy superior security without needing DR staff or hardware.

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LightBound's DRaaS Meets Your Unique Business Needs

"Personalized, Customized, Flexible, For your Industry, Your Biz, and Your Environment"

We know your business is unique. That's why we offer personalized attention and service for custom solutions. We go beyond commodity providers that only offer boxed-in, standard deliverables.

We work with you, talking one-on-one to find the best solution with a personalized approach, considering and working with the unique needs of your specialized applications and data. With DRaaS, we'll keep up with the technical changes for you, so you can save time and get back to what you do best.

If you're ready to unload the burden of DR and improve your business' protection, let LightBound handle it for you with DRaaS. Your data will be safe, secure, and you'll be able to recover faster than ever.

Contact us today to get started or download the Disaster Recovery Guide to learn how you can keep your business safe!

Download Your Disaster Recovery Guide

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April 12, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore