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Cloud Contact Centers: Saved Time Can Save Lives (IT Resilience)

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Emergency medical service where paramedic is pulling stretcher with patient to the ambulance car

A dropped call is bad news for any transportation and logistics industry business, but the stakes are especially high for those offering emergency medical services.

Every second counts when you're coordinating the transportation of a patient, and in some cases, the success or failure of your communications can make the difference between life and death.

Do You Trust Your Cloud Contact Center Solution and Provider?

If your company is an emergency medical services company, consider how well your current Cloud Contact Center, or similar solution, is working.

Are you dropping calls? How's your call quality? Is your provider there for you or have you fallen off their radar?

In this blog, we cover five ways that Cloud Contact Centers can help your emergency medical services company save lives.

"We have to have a phone system that works – all of the time." - Trans-Care Ambulance, Case Study

An illustration showing someone calling an ambulance or emergency medical service on his phone

5 Ways Cloud Contact Centers Help Emergency Medical Services Save Lives

1. They improve call quality and efficiency.

For most companies, slow or poor quality calls might lose a customer, but in emergency medical services, it can mean a loss of life. If you can't hear someone on the other end of the line, or can’t connect to the right person, communications could be misunderstood or lost completely.

With LightBound's Cloud Contact Center, you'll have reliable call control and superior call quality so you never have to worry about miscommunication.

You also get improved efficiency from calls being automatically routed to the right person at the right time, reducing queue times and eliminating wait times. All of which means faster, more accurate resolution times.

“In our business, dropped calls and poor voice quality is a real problem – potentially life or death." - Trans-Care Ambulance, Case Study

2. They prevent dropped calls and enhance disaster recovery.

In the middle of an emergency, the last problem you need to deal with is a dropped call or downtime with potentially life-threatening consequences.

With LightBound's Cloud Contact Center, you can banish those problems for good. LightBound is a CLEC, Managed Carrier Provider, and an ISP all in one, meaning we have the control and accountability to ensure superior reliability.

Plus, initial adoption and continued upgrades are performed seamlessly so you don't have to worry about working around downtime in order to keep your system up-to-date.

And if disaster strikes? Our disaster recovery options can get you back up and running in no time at all. Your staff can work from anywhere while maintaining 100% reliability for customers.

3. They reduce overhead and increase your customization options.

Cloud Contact Centers can make your employees more productive and simplify your business. They deliver more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining any on-premise hardware.

We know the needs of your business are unique, and your solution should represent that. That's why at LightBound we meet with your business to hear your concerns and unique business needs in order to create a customized plan for success.

Does your emergency medical services business need to be available 24/7, but your number of calls varies? At LightBound, we can implement analytics that provide robust visibility into call volumes and agent activity so you can manage staffing levels and support planning.

"We’re always striving for more efficient methods of doing business. Lightbound is a true partner for us on delivering that vision.” - Trans-Care Ambulance, Case Study

4. They save you money so you can invest in improving elsewhere.

LightBound's Cloud Contact Center is up to 45% less expensive than comparable hardware-based solutions. Money saved means you can put money elsewhere into improving your emergency medical services for better patient care or improved systems.

We also offer a low up-front cost and predictable monthly expense. You pay only for what you need and can easily scale up or down. Maintenance costs will be less, and when it comes to switching you can expect a seamless and easy transition.

5. Having a great provider means you always have support right when you need it.

Did your provider set you up, only to seem unreachable afterward? At LightBound, our dedicated experts are there for you 24/7/365.

We continue to work with your business to make improvements even after implementation to ensure your solution continues to work.

We are there for you in any emergency and understand the urgency and gravity of your industry.

Two emergency medical services (EMS) professionals with portable oxygen equipment standing in front of an ambulance

Ready for a Solution that Works?

LightBound's Cloud Contact Center can help your emergency medical services company save lives through improved communications. We can provide your company with the quality, efficiency, and customer service you require to ensure the safety of your patients and smooth operation of your business.

Want to learn how LightBound improved the effectiveness of a real-life emergency medical services business? Download our Case Study to learn how LightBound delivered on Trans-Care Ambulance's Cloud Contact Center vision.



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May 30, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore