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Do You Know If Your Provider Is Really Protecting Your Data?

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You sign a contract with a data center provider and trust that your data is in good hands, but is it still protected when disaster strikes?

You may assume that your data center provider includes disaster recovery (DR) by default. The contract is signed and everything seems great. That is, until disaster strikes and you’re faced with data loss. You are certain you’ll receive help only to find out that your provider was solely offering storage space for your data—DR was not included.

Whether it’s a larger, multinational company, or a small local one, even seemingly trustworthy companies can look good until it’s too late and you find out that DR is not included or even an option from that provider.

Another common pitfall you may encounter is to think, but never check, that your IT manager has an executable DR plan. Then, upon further examination, you realize that the “DR plan” is not actionable, not compliant, and the IT manager wasn’t actively replicating data in case of disaster. In fact, the plan was stowed away in a three-ring binder.

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How to Ensure Your Data is Protected

What do you do to ensure your data is safe? Ask these three questions, and don’t wait until it’s too late:

1. If you’re shopping for a data center, are you considering whether or not each potential provider handles DR?

Don’t assume anything. Before you make your choice, ask each provider specifically about how they handle DR. Choose a provider that will meet your expectations about DR so that in the midst of disaster, you know exactly who to call and that your data is safe.

2. If you already have a provider, do you know for sure that they handle DR?

Start up a conversation with your provider to clarify what role they play in DR. They might have a DR plan you can add as a service. If not, it might be time to look for a new provider.

3. Is your DR plan executable and tested?

If your DR plan is in a three-ring binder, it’s going to be difficult to implement when the chips are down. Make sure your plan is executable, meaning it’s already set-up and tested. A good provider will help with testing to ensure your DR plan will go off without a hitch.

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Trust Matters When It Comes to Data

LightBound’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offered one financial services business peace of mind, providing continuous data replication and allowing the data center to recover within minutes.

With a reputation based on honesty, integrity, respect, and trust for over 50 years, they sought a provider that could offer them that same level of trust when it came to disaster recovery, and they were able to find that with LightBound.

“With LightBound’s solution, we feel confident in our disaster recovery efforts, but, more than that, we now have a true business partner that will support our future needs and growth.” - Arlington/Roe, Case Study
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Know Your Data Is Safe With LightBound

With LightBound as your data center provider, there’s no question about whether your data is is safe. We are compliant, responsible, and on the front line of defense when it comes to disaster recovery as a service.

Plus, LightBound provides the network and the solution. Other providers don’t take this into consideration, but the fact is that you can’t run an excellent DR solution over a commodity internet connection. Providing both means we can ensure the best quality DR for your business.

Do you know if your data is protected? Have questions about whether your current setup is meeting your needs? Sign up today for a FREE, one-hour tech assessment with no obligations. LightBound’s experts will help you better understand your situation and answer any questions you have about data security and disaster recovery.

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May 31, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore