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How Do You Know You Have the Right IaaS Provider For Your IoT Business?

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As an IoT business, you know your connectivity needs to be up and running 24x7x365. Your network is critical if you’re supplying IoT services to clients that depend on your connectivity for success.

If your current connectivity is unreliable and interfering with your business’s success, it may be time to look for a new provider, especially if they’re not giving you the time of day to solve problems or they lack security offerings.

While your current provider may have promised excellent service that sounded good on paper, that doesn’t necessarily mean they delivered. In this blog, we share three ways to know if it’s time for your IoT business to make the switch to a better IaaS provider.

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3 Key Features of a Quality IaaS Provider

1. Stability/Reliability

Does your provider handle both network services and your IaaS computing needs? Having all communication providers available for your network needs in the same building, and controlled by your IaaS provider, gives your IoT app the best chance for a successful implementation and ongoing management.

Single-source providers can diagnose and fix issues holistically and manage traffic to and from all carriers, no matter the type of traffic, whether it be wireless, public Internet, or private circuit traffic.

Plus, single-source providers have direct relationships with the carriers that you’ll need in the long-term to make sure data is captured securely and error-free. Without this, you’ll be calling the carriers yourself, hoping they can help when the chips are down.

Be wary of larger national providers, where most can’t control and manage the breadth of service. An IaaS provider can boast amazing features, but if they aren’t also handling your network, you can be sure connectivity trouble is on its way. By choosing a provider that handles both services, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

2. Security

Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of vulnerabilities in IoT devices, making cyber security essential for IoT businesses. It’s part of the reason why the manufacturing industry has a target on its back, where any of the multitudes of connected devices at manufacturing plants can serve as an open door to cybercriminals.

Failing to secure your IoT can have huge monetary repercussions, from paying for ransomware remediation to cleaning up your brand image after losing customer trust. Your clients will want to know their devices’ connections and data are secure.

Be sure that your provider offers security solutions including:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for lightning-speed recovery from downtime to keep your network, applications, and data safe no matter what disaster strikes
  • Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) for defense against the growing number of application attacks taking place on layers 4-7 of the OSI network stack and application-level control (allows you to see and control what applications are being used on your network)

3. Support

Quality of service and support from your IaaS provider are crucial when it comes to your IoT application’s success. Is your provider there for you? Do you trust them to come through when it matters most and listen to your needs?

You need an IaaS provider that offers 24/7/365 monitoring, service, and support to ensure uptime you can count on. Choose a provider that will sit down with you one-on-one to create a plan and solve problems, and will continue to have your back in the future.

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Choosing the Right Provider

Having connectivity and provider woes? By choosing a provider like LightBound that offers both network and IaaS, plus top-notch security and support, you’ll be able to enjoy stability, reliability, and the best in connectivity.

“While cloud servers and storage are important, if we don’t have connectivity, nothing else matters.” - Mike Paredes, CEO of Gauge

LightBound helped one IoT business, Gauge, finally get the connectivity they needed for their robust IoT application. Gauge started with another IaaS provider but soon discovered that provider couldn’t give them the uptime or support they needed, nor could they fully transition Gauge’s data to its cloud-based application.

Gauge’s CEO expressed that, while features are great, if there’s no connectivity the show is over. Thankfully, LightBound was able to help them successfully make the transition and provide the excellent connectivity, security, local support, and peace of mind they needed.

Want to learn more about how LightBound helped Gauge get the connectivity and support they needed for IoT and IaaS success? Read the Gauge Case Study today!


October 01, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore