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Is Your Contact Center Solution Like a Grinch?

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Frozen man in winter clothes warming hands during blizzard

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The Grinch might have visited your home during Christmas, but don’t let him rob your business of a great 2018!

This year, make sure you don't address dropped calls and a sinking bottom line with a solution that will only serve to set you further back.

We hope our poem helps explain while adding a little humor to your day.

Warning sign for snow or ice on the road with a snowstorm in the background

How the Grinch Stole Your Business

Now is the time to question why

Your phones are down, and no one knows why

What’s troubling more, is you’ve yet to figure out the reason


It could be that your phone system isn’t quite right

It could be that you need more employees to cover the blight

Or, maybe, just maybe, it could be that you’ve no time to fight

But deep down you know that something’s not right


For all you know, employees are out in their cubicles, grinning from ear to ear,

because they know positivity is what you want to hear.


A positive, supportive corporate culture is all well and good,

but not while 20% of your calls are being dropped. Understood?

Maybe you’re thinking "20% is a good corporate tax rate,"

but for dropped or abandoned calls, that percent isn't so great.


I think that the most likely reason of all,

may be that awareness of the true problem is two sizes too small.

Whatever the reason, be it your phones or your gnomes,

here you stand at the start of 2018, likely unaware of it all.

Sad face wearing a Contact Center headset illustration

So you hire more employees to solve all your problems,

but not far down the road you find yourself solemn.

Despite your new hires, your problems aren’t gone,

and your bottom line’s hurting; your solution went wrong.


Yet “Tomorrow is business! It’s practically here!”

You resolve to yourself as you’re practically running,

"I MUST find some way to keep those calls coming!"


That’s when you realize something you hadn't before!

"Maybe the problems," you think, "won’t be solved by hiring more."


"Maybe our problems...perhaps…need a better Contact Center solution!”

Now you’ve figured it out! So you upgrade as your New Year’s resolution.


And once it’s all ready the next thing you hear is

Noise! Noise! Noise!

Ah, the noise! Ah, the Noise!

The wonderful noise of cash registers ringing,

Of phones being answered, and PayPal a-clinging.


So to hear all this good noise, you must make the right choices

A Buyer's Guide can help you sort through provider voices.

So act now! Don’t wait! So that come next winter

You’ll be armed against the Grinch with your new Cloud Contact Center!

Winner or success concept showing a hiker cheering with arms raised in the sky after hiking to mountain top summit above the clouds

Win the Fight Against Your Grinch with a Cloud Contact Center

Is a Grinch targeting your business? Don’t make the costly choice of hiring more employees to solve your problems when what you really need to hear those cash registers ringing is a better Contact Center solution.

Download the Buyers Guide 

 Download Your Buyers Guide Here

Our Cloud Contact Center is designed to properly fight back against your Grinch by providing superior reliability, easier adoption, and faster, more accurate resolution times.

And if you're seeking more info on how to choose the right solution, download our Cloud Contact Center Buyer's Guide to help you evaluate the differences among potential Contact Center providers.

January 24, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore