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It Takes A Village

The Scoop

When launching a business, it takes skill, hard work, and a little luck. It also helps to have local businesses that support each other with a “buy local” mentality. As they say, “it takes a village” to launch a business and grow a community – and that’s exactly what LightBound is all about.

LightBound allows you to leverage reliable, high speed, voice and data communications so that your business has access to the critical foundational elements. These services are an absolute necessity for any business but are often taken for granted until the lights go out.


“Our secret sauce aligns with what Hoosiers and our local customer base values most, and that is Service”, said Dane Dittemore, LightBound’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. As proof of LightBound’s superior service, the company holds a +70 Net Promoter Score (NPS®).  At a score of +70, LightBound is more than double the NPS average for Internet service providers.

The HSE school system is a great example of how LightBound supports the Fishers community. If you have a student in the HSE school system, he or she depends on Internet connectivity for their education while at school. As part of HSE’s 21st Century Learning system, the school is increasing the total number of students to 28,000. “We are increasingly dependent on Internet service to educate our students and LightBound has indeed been a bright spot in helping us achieve our goals”, says Tom Kouns, Director of Infrastructure Technologies for Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Recently, one of Fishers newest tenants in downtown Fishers installed LightBound’s Fiber for Internet connectivity. CloudOne, having recently received $9M in funding, has big plans for growth. “We absolutely have to have high speed, low latency connectivity to run our business – and LightBound’s service is a key part of our foundation for growth”, says John McDonald, CloudOne CEO.