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New LightBound Product Expands  Features for Hosted PBX

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LightBound’s new product, MeetUp Collaboration, is a cloud-based video and communication platform that serves businesses and organizations using the Enterprise License Hosted PBX. Riding on a hosted media-switch platform, MeetUp Collaboration takes the capabilities of video conferencing product Zoom to the next level by wrapping video, audio, and conferencing all into one solution with no equipment to deploy or manage.

MeetUp Collaboration expands on Zoom’s capabilities for modern business communication, with new features including:

  • Accelerated collaboration for increased productivity
  • All-in-one functionality: video, audio, text, screen share, file sharing, and more
  • Scalability as you grow, supporting web conferences with up to 200 participants
  • Sharp image quality
  • Reduced lag and connectivity issues for clear audio
  • Intuitive interface for faster, easier adoption and time to train
  • Downloads and updates are managed via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Customizable user experience
  • Personal service and support from LightBound experts, regardless of business size

In addition to these features, you can rest assured knowing LightBound keeps you secure when utilizing MeetUp Collaboration with Hosted PBX. News of phishing attacks targeting communication platforms, including GoToMeeting and WebEx, have left enterprises wary of communication technology. But LightBound keeps you safe from these attacks so you can sleep well knowing you’re in good hands.

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Communication barriers cost the average organization "$62.4 million per year in lost productivity,” according to a survey reported by Inc., and a separate survey reported by Fierce, Inc., revealed that “86 percent of respondents blame lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.”

The results of these surveys may come as no surprise considering how crucial a role communication plays in day-to-day business operations, but it does highlight the importance of the question: Is your business’s communication and collaboration the best it can be?

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MeetUp Collaboration offers your business new features to communicate more effectively and easier than ever. It’s designed to take your communications to the next level, with capabilities that improve user experience, relieve frustration, and remove barriers for better, faster communication. If your business or organization is interested in upgrading communications with MeetUp Collaboration, contact LightBound to get started!

Have questions or want to learn more? Sign up today for a FREE, zero-obligation tech assessment with LightBound. Our experts will answer any questions you have about the Enterprise features of Hosted PBX and MeetUp Collaboration. Plus, we’ll help you determine how MeetUp Collaboration can benefit your specific business. 



August 30, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore