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Quotables and Notables

The Scoop

The scoop is where you’ll find the current and relevant scoop, otherwise known as the skinny, the view, the revelation. Quotables and notables. It’s the a-ha moment you have when the lightbulb goes off.

Since we’re in the datacenter business, we live and breath the technology every day. At LightBound, we often forget that everyone else lives in a different world, so we asked around and this is what we came up with.

“There are more receptacles on the power strip, so why are you telling me I’m out of power?”

  • Danny Nugent, LightBound Facilities

This is a common problem that we see in the datacenter business. It’s a relatively simple math problem, but if it’s not something you do every day, it will catch you by surprise. The best way to understand the problem is to describe the same situation we’ve all encountered at least once. Think about the month of December, when you and the family are setting up the Christmas tree. The hot chocolate tastes good, the cookies are warm and all the kids are excited about what Santa might bring this year. You’ve put all your favorite ornaments on the tree and it’s finally time for the lights. This year is going to be special, and your significant other keeps plugging in lights until – bam. Why did all the power go out? I don’t know where the fuse box is, I don’t have any fuses and I don’t know how to reset the breakers – and suddenly the look on everyone’s face is not so bright. Luckily it was only the Christmas tree lights and not your business huh?

"now that we've been down the path of running our own datacenter, it just didn't fit into our strategic direction as a company"

Shane White
Director, Information Technology
Carter Logistics

There’s a point when things make sense for certain reasons and decisions are made for certain reasons. At the time, these decisions made perfect sense. As times change and as our businesses strive to grow, we realize that it’s ok to embrace new challenges with new perspectives and new approaches. Sometimes it means that we have to have lived through it before we can embrace change.

November 07, 2016 / by Danny Nugent | LightBound Facilities