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Service Delivery the LightBound Way

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“Several reasons for LightBound’s success over the years is that integrity, trust, and reliability are key pieces of their business formula. Many clients work with LightBound because of that, and that includes Gauge.” - Gauge Case Study

What sets LightBound apart from other service providers? If you talk to LightBound customers, watch their video testimonials, or read our case studies, what you’ll hear in common is Partnership.

“Partner” may be a word that’s thrown around a lot in the business world, but at LightBound, we truly live it out, knowing that provider services are most successful when they’re delivered the right way: through a partner relationship.

That’s why we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best in service and support. In this blog, we share three ways LightBound’s service delivery is the partnership your business has been looking for.

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1. You Are Our Priority

“By far, the people have been the best. We know our account reps by name, and they care about us. We always get more than we expect from them. Lightbound feels like a part of the Huntington family.” - Huntington University Case Study

A provider can sound good on paper, but how’s their actual service delivery? You shouldn’t feel like “just a number” or have to go through hoops to get the attention you need.

Trans-Care, a medical and transportation services provider, shared their troubles with a previous vendor, explaining that their “other vendor was not committed to getting to the root of the issue” they were experiencing. Trans-Care felt that they “just weren’t their top priority.”

When Trans-Care made the switch to LightBound, they finally found the care and attention they needed to solve their problems.

With LightBound as your Partner, you can be sure you won’t be forgotten. In fact, you will be our priority! We want your business to succeed and truly care that it does. When you work with LightBound, you’ll be able to put names to faces with our staff. We’ll sit down with you one-on-one right from the start to ensure you get the personalized care and attention you deserve, both now and into the future.

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2. We Won’t Leave Your Problems Hanging

“We go with the one we trust to be a true partner. With LightBound’s solution, we feel confident in our disaster recovery efforts, but, more than that, we now have a true business partner that will support our future needs and growth.” - Arlington/Roe Case Study

Does your provider come through for you when problems arise? Gauge, an Indianapolis-based telematics firm, struggled to achieve connectivity with their previous national vendor. The vendor was unable to fully transition Gauge’s data to its cloud-based application, and the burden of this consumed Gauge’s time and resources.

Gauge’s problems were solved when they switched to LightBound and received the dedicated attention they needed. Gauge’s team was able to turn their attention back to their core business knowing they were in good hands.

At LightBound, we’re determined to get to the bottom of any issues you are experiencing. And once your services are implemented, LightBound is still there for you, committed and ready to help. In fact, our always-on, always-available Network Operations Center (NOC) is at your service no matter the time of day or night.

Recently, Roncalli High School had to relocate their fiber due to construction. Their CIO, Steve Battiato, shared in a message that “trying to coordinate all that with AT&T was a giant pain in the neck,” but the good news was that LightBound’s team “was all over it.”

Every time Roncalli’s fiber went down, whether because of cuts, lost power, or their relocation, Steve shared that “within probably thirty seconds [LightBound’s] team called me on my cell phone and informed me that we were down, and then even was kind enough to call to inform me when things came back up.”

“I appreciate the service level [LightBound] gives us,” Steve shared. “It sure made our changeover a lot more palatable."

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3. We Challenge and Grow With You

"Certainly, if we have an issue it gets resolved, but even if we have questions about the future—helping us plan, roadmap discussions—we know that we can pick up the phone and talk to a technical expert at LightBound, and they really help us shape the future of the business." - High Alpha Video Testimonial

Huntington University’s team experienced service delivery problems with their national vendor who lacked the commitment to help them make the changes they needed. Disappointed, they realized they wanted to find a partner who would challenge them to do things differently by improving their operations and the services they provide to faculty, staff, and students.

By partnering with LightBound, Huntington University was able to resolve their problems and take their services to new heights thanks to the partnership they’d achieved. One of the biggest ways LightBound acts as a Partner is that we grow with you, challenge you to improve, and help you move toward your long-term goals.

LightBound’s scalability, flexibility, and customization options mean that no matter how your business changes, we can match services to meet your needs with reduced cost, stress, and difficulty. Even if you have unique requirements right from the start, we’re here to listen and personalize a solution that will best serve you.

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The LightBound Partnership

“The partnership is real. We’ve had lackluster relationships with other vendors, but LightBound is different. They feel like a part of our team and have really worked with us through our unique needs and lengthy transition.” - Arlington/Roe Case Study

Almost any provider can talk the talk, but few walk the walk. You need a provider that handles service delivery the LightBound way: as a partnership you can count on for successful solutions that will grow your business.

Want to see LightBound in action? Download our Arlington/Roe Case Study for free to learn how LightBound became the true partner a managing general agent and wholesale insurance brokerage firm needed. 



October 23, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore