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The Advantages Of Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX, The Headlines

When purchasing voice solutions for your business there are some critical questions to ask when determining whether to go with a cloud-based PBX or a premise-based solution. Do you know what you are actually buying? Is the solution truly scalable? Voice services should be an anchor to your company’s plans, so it is worth the time and effort to consider the best solution.

What are you purchasing?

Was the PBX being pitched built off of an open source piece of software that some hobbyist coded at home? Is someone maintaining the code and testing updates or are they just slapping some interface on top of the software, putting a company logo on it and waiting until someone complains? Was any thought put into the hardware that the software is running on, or was the software installed on a server randomly purchased off of Amazon where the only consideration was cost? If the answer to any of these is yes, you may want to consider exploring other options.

With a cloud based solution from LightBound you do not have to lay awake at night wondering what kind of issue is going to pop up tomorrow that may lay your communications to waste. Our services are built off a proven carrier grade platform built specifically to provide voice services and they were professionally engineered to provide high availability communication services.

Is the solution scalable?

With a premise-based solution, customers are anchored to their hardware and software. Normally customers will buy a piece of hardware that fits their near term budget. The hardware/software may be capable of hosting only 50 lines. Today, that is perfectly acceptable because you only have 40 users.

Fast-forward two years down the road, when your company has grown beyond 50 users. Now that you need to add user #51, you're finding that you can’t because your hardware, software and connectivity need a fork-lift upgrade. Maybe you’re lucky and the vendor that built the system is still in business and might be able to do some type of upgrade, but what if they’re not? How do you grow as a company without starting over, throwing out your existing system and fork-lifting in a brand new one?

With LightBound's cloud-based PBX, you can avoid these situations. For all practical purposes, our solution scales infinitely and seamlessly. For example, tomorrow you may decide you want to add a call center to your business. With a hosted model it is possible to efficiently add new features and services without spending capital. This also allows every customer to have the same services and features regardless of size and tailor their services to fit exactly what is needed, keeping in mind what is needed tomorrow may not the same as what is required today.

So, you need to look at and determine if you know what you are buying and if it will work still fit your needs tomorrow. If the answer is no to either, you should keep exploring other options and, perhaps, look into the reasons why having a cloud based PBX may be better than a premise-based solution.


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December 12, 2016 / by Larry Glass | Voice Engineer