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The Best Provider You’ve Never Heard Of

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Does it matter if your provider is national, global, or local? Many businesses choose national and global providers because they sound promising on paper, offer easy adoption of services, and their brand-name and large size lend them credibility. However, after the contract is signed, it becomes apparent that these large national and global providers fall short in the area that matters most: service delivery.

In this blog, we share three reasons why you might want to think twice before jumping into a contract with a global or national provider, and why the best provider for your business may be the one you’ve never even heard of.

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3 Ways Global and National Providers Fall Short on Service Delivery

1. They’d Rather Not Hear From You

When it comes to big-name providers, “big” is the keyword. They have thousands, if not millions of clients vying for their attention. Do you know where you fall on their list of importance? It won’t take long to see that your needs are not their priority, and it can be a struggle to get ahold of someone simply to listen, let alone get them to act on their promises.

2. Your Problems Might Not Get Solved

No matter if your company is big or small, global and national providers aren’t the type who will take the time to truly listen to your needs or consider the nuances of your situation. This is a huge pitfall because that personal touch is exactly what your business needs to solve problems for good. You may find that a provider says they can resolve your issues, but due to lack of personal care and attention to your situation, they aren’t able to make good on their promises.

3. They Can’t and Won’t Go Outside the Box

Your business has unique needs, and no one-size-fits-all solution is going to get you the results you desire to grow. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all is exactly what you’re going to get with a national or global provider. While they may allow some customization options, it’s not worth their time to think outside the box about what could really take your business to the next level. If you want or need a solution that takes more creativity or investment than their standard playbook… well, you might want to find a different provider.

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The Hidden Treasure of Service Providers

Global and national providers often fall short on service delivery, but what about local providers, like LightBound, that you might not have heard of before now? Perhaps the thought of choosing a local provider sends you into a mini panic. “Can they meet our needs? Support our demands? Are they too… small?”

These worries aren’t so different from Charlie Sharp, Deputy/Assistant IT Director from the State of Indiana's IoT, who was used to working with larger providers before switching to LightBound. He explained in our WAN monitoring testimonial that he had concerns at first, but that his fears faded away once he was able to meet with the LightBound staff in person and he saw that we were a committed, true partner.

Since then, we have continued to be a true partner for the State of Indiana’s IoT. “They put their money where their mouth was,” explained Charlie Sharp, and we continue to do what we say we will.

Not all local providers are equal, and at LightBound, we are more than your ordinary local provider. We have a “Global Reach with Midwestern Hospitality,” where you get the best of both worlds: top-notch solutions backed by our expert staff, plus the specialized attention and support that comes with our local nature. We’re the best provider you’ve never heard of!

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The LightBound Difference

LightBound goes above and beyond global and national providers with service delivery that provides:

  • Personalized attention where you are our priority and you can get to know our staff by name
  • Your problems will be solved with top-notch services, solutions, and expert staff
  • Customized, scalable, flexible solutions fitting your unique needs and requests
  • In-person meetings—we will drive out to meet you and assess your needs
  • Always-on, always-available support
  • We are more than a provider—we’re your partner, growing with you and challenging you to improve
  • We care about the success of your business and are here to listen and get things done the right way

Curious if LightBound the best provider for your business? You can sign up today for a free, one-hour tech assessment with LightBound’s expert staff. With no commitment necessary, we’ll meet with you in person to learn about your unique needs and share why LightBound’s service delivery is exactly what your business has been looking for.


October 23, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore