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Top 5 Considerations When Planning An Office Move

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Wherever it is you're moving, you’ll need to consider changes to your telecommunications infrastructure. If you find yourself in this situation, you will undoubtedly be challenged with keeping your employees and your clients connected. In today’s business world, you simply cannot be without reliable communications. You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to understand Captain Kirk's famous line, "more power Scottie!" As the leader of your business, you don’t really care how you are going to get from A to B, but there are some things that will have to fall into place for the long-term health of your business. 



1.    Assure adequate time for connectivity to be established:

In today's world, you'll need to sign Agreements with your service provider anywhere from 6-9 months in advance of actually needing Internet/Network connectivity. If a provider is not already built-in to your location, you have to wait in line with all of the other projects the telco provider has on their list - and that list is long and getting longer every day.

2.    Budget 2X, You'll need it:

Any financial numbers you get back from providers to "bid" on your project will indeed provide for a low bid price. But since we are increasingly becoming more dependent on reliable Internet connectivity, you had better plan on implementing connectivity from two providers. Remember, your clients and your employees may be completely dependent on Internet connectivity.

3.   Choose Wisely:

Since communications are the lifeblood of your business, make sure your IT department considers voice as well. Your business may need both and there can be significant economies of scale in pricing. You should choose a provider that can address both of these issues. Single-sourcing puts you in a better position for success.

4.   Measure Twice, Cut Once: 

Before buying, building or renting new office spaces, make sure you have fully researched what providers you'll have access to. Connectivity of any size that matters needs to be carefully considered or you'll be buying it again if you don't measure twice.

5.    RFP's are Out, Relationships are IN: 

Make sure you personally understand who you are aligning with before you enter long-term Agreements with providers. Traditional telecommunications providers may not be as flexible or contract friendly as you need and 36 months is a long time.


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