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Torchlite Testimonial of LightBound's Wireless AP Solutions

The Scoop

LightBound implemented wireless access point (WAP) solutions for Torchlite, an Indiana-based digital marketing firm, in July of 2017. We interviewed Torchlite's Co-Founder and CTO, Dustin McCormick, to explain the Wi-Fi problems Torchlite experienced prior to working with LightBound, LightBound's solution, and what advice he has for other businesses experiencing Wi-Fi issues.  


What follows is an edited transcript (for clarity and brevity) of our interview with Dustin.

Wi-Fi Issues That Led Torchlite to Seek LightBound Solutions

Dustin: As a startup, we tried to figure out the Wi-Fi access for our office ourselves, but as Torchlite grew that quickly became a problem. We started to have really bad connectivity issues, which is a big deal because we are a technology and marketing company that is constantly involved in internet-based activities crucial to our business. We can't afford to have any downtime—and it was happening persistently.  

We hired someone to come and help us out. He installed equipment that improved our loads, but our problems persisted. We had invested considerable time and money into a solution and it didn't help at all. The driver for us to go to LightBound was that they already supplied our internet, and we were confident that the internet connection they provided had been very fast, exactly as promised.  

The vendor that we were using, although he had been doing this for a long time, could not figure out the issue. When we brought in LightBound, they knew immediately what the problem was, projected a deep understanding of it, and instilled confidence in us that they'd be able to provide a solution.

Step 1: Discovery and Diagnosing the Problem  

Dustin: We reached out to LightBound to evaluate the situation and get an idea of the problem. Matt Addison, a Network Architect at LightBound, came out for the information-gathering part of the process. He worked with me to get all the details about our current network, making sure he fully understood the environment he would be working with. He was able to quickly identify the issue we were having and scheduled an installation time with us.  

Step 2: Prescribing a Solution

Dustin: Matt recommended that we get some different equipment and a service package through LightBound. That way, if we experienced issues like this in the future, then we'd have LightBound to help us as a resource that understands problems of this complexity. Their solution would also allow proactive monitoring and response. It felt good to be talking to somebody with technical knowledge as a subject-matter expert, and it made us feel better to know that the problem was truly going to be resolved.   

Step 3: Installation

Dustin: Ben Cunningham, a LightBound Network Engineer, came out about a week or two later for the actual installation. He was able to strategically do his work in such a way that it had little to no effect on our business. Matt had done so much research with me beforehand to get the nitty-gritty technical details figured out that by the time Ben came here he knew exactly what to do, so he didn't need a lot from me.  

Ben came in, put all the new equipment up, and handled all of the physical installation and software setup. The installation happened over the course of a lunch break and we didn't even notice the downtime—it was either nothing or just a minute while we switched it over, and afterward everything worked exactly as expected. Since then, we've had no issues whatsoever. Everything's running perfectly.  

Step 4: Torchlite's New Control Panel From LightBound and Follow-Up

Dustin: One thing I was really happy about was that about an hour or two after the installation was completed, Matt emailed me from his location to let me know he was logged in to the control panel of our new equipment, and he could see that everything was running great with no problems. He also asked me how everything was going. Not only was he able to technically confirm that everything was working well, but he also let me know and made sure that—from our end—things were good.  

Matt also gave me access to that same control panel he was looking at, so I can now go in there and see any issues if we were to have them in the future. I can log in there and see exactly why we’re having the issue and what that issue would be.  

Post-installation, we haven't had any issues whatsoever. Everything's running smoothly and I haven't had a single person report any of the symptoms we had before. A great benefit is having that control panel, and we feel better having a place to log in and check everything out. There's a peace of mind both with having that control panel and also with the service agreement.  

Advice For Other Businesses Experiencing Wi-Fi Problems

Dustin: Internet is not optional—it's core to how we do business and core for really any company. Having the internet go out at certain moments can be devastating to a sales call or to a meeting. It also may cause employees to not be confident that they're going to have wireless internet when they come into the office, which can cause its own issues.

Home-brewing an internet solution can solve some problems, but if your business grows the way you'd like, then you'll quickly outgrow that and cause issues for yourself.  

My advice to other businesses would be that internet access is something you should invest in and make sure is done well. That way, you get it right the first time around.    

LightBound’s WAP Services Can Help Your Business

LightBound helped Torchlite discover their wireless access point issues and implement a successful WAP solution for their business. LightBound believes in offering clients the latest technologies and supporting these services with the best talent in the business. If you're experiencing issues with your wireless access points, or are having any Wi-Fi difficulties at all, contact us today! We'd love to help you solve any problems and design a rock-solid IP foundation for your company.


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