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Warning: Ignoring DRaaS Damages Trust in Your Financial Services Business

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Trust. It's the foundation of your financial services business. Customers need to know that your business can be trusted to protect huge amounts of valuable data, financial applications, and more.

This responsibility combined with strict industry regulations means that your business can't afford downtime or data loss. Being vulnerable could mean losing the trust of your customers and with it the foundation of your business.

In addition to already high expectations placed on the financial services industry, cyber security risks today are increasing while disasters remain an unpredictable possibility.

“Our business is all about trust. In today’s environment, we need to feel confident about where our data is stored and how well it is protected." - Arlington/Roe Case Study

Your business likely already has a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, but is it enough? Is it growing with your changing business? Keeping up with regulations? Can it stand up to a ransomware attack?

What your business needs is a way to safeguard data so that no matter what disaster you face, your data won't be harmed, and your business can keep running as though nothing happened.

In this blog, we explain five reasons why LightBound's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the solution your financial services industry business has been looking for.

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5 Elements of The Perfect DRaaS Solution for Financial Services

1. It Keeps Up with Stringent Industry Regulations.

Financial services businesses are heavily regulated when it comes to handling information and institutions. Your business must be able to demonstrate that appropriate measures are being taken and your DR solution must be up to par.

With LightBound's DraaS, your business will be in complete compliance with industry standards, including with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISC. LightBound will keep your business up-to-date for you so you don't have to worry about a thing.

2. It Saves You from Facing the High Cost of Downtime.

A data center outage is more expensive for a financial service organization than any other business. Not only because of the time lost in limbo during the disaster, or because of needing to repair the damage afterwards, but because of how critical it is to the brand perception of your business.

Your customers have high expectations, so it's essential to keep your business and applications up and running while fixing hiccups as though they never existed.

With LightBound's DRaaS, you won't have to face the cost of downtime. Enterprise applications are recovered with consistency, regardless of underlying infrastructure, at a virtual level for both storage and server locations. LightBound’s DRaaS boasts superior Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), being able to achieve RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes.

"With LightBound’s solution, we feel confident in our disaster recovery efforts, but, more than that, we now have a flexible IT solution that will adapt and grow with us in the future.” - Arlington/Roe Case Study

3. It Evolves with Your Growing Security Needs.

Your business likely already takes data security very seriously, but as your technology grows, so does your need for better protection. This, coupled with today's increasing threat of data theft and need for robust disaster recovery, means it might be time to upgrade your data center. Upgrading can ensure your development and production environments are secure.

With LightBound's DRaaS, data is stored in an SSAE 16 SOC 2 Certified data center and you'll have a guaranteed resource pool reservation that's monitored 24/7/365 by skilled support staff. Quick RPO and RTO means you can quickly get back up and running in the face of a cyberattack. In addition, LightBound's DRaaS scales to your ever-changing IT needs, so your solution will grow with your business.

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4. It Makes Testing a Breeze.

Testing is crucial for financial services businesses, but some solutions can be a headache to test. While it's tempting to skip "less important" parts of testing, doing so can leave your business vulnerable. Your business should be testing your DR solution regularly and completely.

With LightBound's DRaaS, testing can be performed at any time with no disruption to the production environment. Data and applications remain protected and available at all times. Plus, it's easy to produce detailed recovery reports that fulfill strict financial regulations regarding data security. LightBound conducts two tests annually for you so you can get back to business.

"LightBound’s solutions give us peace of mind. We can test that everything is working as it should in just a few clicks ... It’s also very simple and isn’t a drain on our team to manage.” - Arlington/Roe Case Study


5. It Meets the Industry Demand for High Speed and Minimized Latency.

In financial services, a single transaction can carry a hefty sum. Customers will want to know, without a doubt, that their transactions will go through quickly and flawlessly.

Latency must be minimized because a one-second time difference can mean a major price difference in some cases. In addition, customers will want to know that their transaction is being replicated as near-instantly as possible so that critical information is not lost.

With LightBound's DRaaS, you get continuous replication with zero impact on application performance. The virtual manager, installed directly inside the virtual infrastructure, is able to tap into a virtual machine's IO stream, making it more efficient, accurate, and responsive than other solutions.

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LightBound's DRaaS is the DR Solution Your Business Needs

LightBound’s Disaster Recovery as a Service allows you to recover with lightning speed, be protected by the most secure technology, and rest assured knowing LightBound maintains complete compliance with industry standards.

Want to learn how LightBound's DRaaS gave a real-life financial services business peace of mind and strengthened their foundation of trust? Download our Arlington/Roe Case Study to read all about it.


April 24, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore