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WAP: What are Wireless AP's and Why Do They Matter?

The Headlines

Want to present your brand positively and professionally? Your company's internet connection matters. The key to satisfied customers and productive employees in your office building is a fast, reliable internet connection.  

Think about the last time you worked at a location with a poor internet connection. You probably had trouble getting anything done, and frustration likely ensued. If you could have left the location to work somewhere else, you probably did.

Now imagine that the location has a reliable and strong internet connection. You work comfortably and productively in the space, appreciating how nice it is to have a reliable, fast connection. Well-installed WAPs, or wireless access points, can help provide the latter, positive experience.


What Are WAPs (Wireless Access Points)?

Growing companies rely on excellent wireless internet connection to function. An essential part of a successful wireless system is a hardware device called a WAP, or wireless access point, which makes it possible for wireless devices to connect to a wired network.  

A home network might only need one WAP, but companies typically require multiple WAPs throughout their office area, connecting each client wirelessly to the network. A proper installation of WAPs ensures a successful Wi-Fi connection. WAPs are often called access points (APs) in order to avoid confusion with wireless application protocols.  

Why Do You Need Enterprise-Level WAPs as a Management Company, Landlord, or Building Owner?

Enterprise-Level WAPs provide the following features and benefits:

  • Scales your Wi-Fi connection to a larger number of clients  
  • Enables local Wi-Fi networks to connect to other wired networks
  • Scales your network to larger distances
  • Creates reliable wireless internet access across your building or space
  • Improves your bottom line and brand perception through improved end-user satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity

In all, enterprise-level WAPs allow your company to offer the best wireless internet connection for your users, improving their experience, and benefiting your company.

Installing WAPs in Your Office or Space

How many WAPs does your office need? Where is the optimal location to place them? If all the decisions involved feels a bit overwhelming, you're not alone. Figuring out how and where to place routers across a space for the most reliable signal can prove to be a complex challenge. Thankfully, LightBound is well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to help.

As part of LightBound's full Cloud Portfolio, we can supply the right number of WAPs and help determine the best locations to set them up across your office space. Contact LightBound today to get started or ask any questions you might have about wireless access points.


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