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What is WAN Monitoring and How Can it Help You?

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WAN Monitoring devices showing graphs of network traffic and performance in a data center server room

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Have you experienced the frustration of juggling multiple telecommunications vendors to solve your circuit and connectivity problems? Where phones are ringing off the hook with users calling to ask “why is the network down?”, “When will it be back up?”, and “I was in the middle of a transaction!” Or, even more ominous, the big boss calls asking “can you come into my office please?”

Now imagine that you don’t have to do any vendor juggling. Instead, a trusted provider with a team of experts is already handling communications on your behalf. They’re your single point of contact and can effectively communicate with all vendors for you, removing the burden so you and your team can get back to business.

In this blog, we explain what WAN Monitoring is and how offloading monitoring and vendor management to a qualified provider will benefit your business.

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What is WAN Monitoring?

WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a telecommunications network that connects multiple LANs over a large geographic area, such as a city or country. It’s what allows businesses with two or more locations to make network communications with each other via internet, voice, and more.

WAN Monitoring is essential for knowing what traffic is passing through your WAN, being informed of and troubleshooting problems, and improving WAN performance for smooth business operations. However, in-house WAN Monitoring can be costly and frustrating for any businesses, big or small.

By outsourcing WAN Monitoring, you can offload the critical workload of monitoring and vendor management of your WAN to a service provider. It allows you to augment your on-site IT resources with a provider’s staff of expert engineers and Network Operations Center (NOC) to support your office WAN, including point-to-point circuits and internet circuits.

This custom monitoring service covers anything from an Ethernet circuit ordered from your preferred carrier to a commodity Internet circuit from your local cable provider.

Business woman making a cell phone call with a city background and network illustration to represent contacting vendors for WAN monitoring

5 Benefits of Outsourcing WAN Monitoring

By outsourcing WAN Monitoring to LightBound, you get the following benefits that insourcing cannot provide:

1. Expertise on Tap

Insourcing means that the weight of wrangling telco vendors falls to you and your staff. By outsourcing, you’ll have a team of expert engineers at your fingertips with extensive experience working with and smoothing the process of vendor communication.

LightBound serves as your single point of contact for all of your network vendors, regardless of vendor affiliation. We coordinate dispatch for service repair on your behalf so you get faster and easier notification and diagnosis of problems. The expertise of our staff also means improved visibility and assessment of collected data.

2. 24x7 Coverage of an Actual Person

When WAN Monitoring is insourced, it can be extremely costly to have the 24x7 coverage of an actual person handling monitoring and support. While monitoring tools can help you monitor the odd hours, it can be costly and won’t provide the same visibility and response as having an actual person on the job.

With LightBound’s WAN Monitoring service, you get always-on, always-available service with our 24x7x365 Tier 1 troubleshooting and support assistance backed by our NOC.

3. Reduced Overall Cost

To have 24x7 coverage while insourcing you would have to hire three times the staff compared to outsourcing. Hiring more manpower, especially with expertise, is costly—and so are monitoring devices robust enough to properly monitor your network.

Outsourcing allows you to save on support staff costs while enjoying improved monitoring and freed-up internal resources.

4. Immediate Notification of Outages

While communicating with telco vendors can lead to delayed diagnosis and support, LightBound is able to immediately notify you of an outage. Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes a diagnosis within one hour from ticket opening and 24x7x365 support.

From there, LightBound will determine the next step and inform you of the situation. If necessary, LightBound will contact your network vendor within 20 minutes of diagnosis and you can also escalate priorities at any time. Plus, you get dynamic notification and monthly performance reporting, including Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Intervals, a list of chronic issues, and more.

5. Ability to Focus on What You Do Best

Insourcing means your staff must spend time and resources on a non-core business function. By outsourcing, your staff is freed to work on more complex network issues, encouraging business growth. All of the benefits of outsourcing directly support the health of your business. And best of all? You can sleep well at night knowing you’re in good hands.

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Is Outsourcing WAN Monitoring Right For You?

If the cost and burden of insourcing WAN Monitoring is a source of frustration for you and your staff, then it’s time to consider the benefits of outsourcing. Contact LightBound today to get started!

Have more questions about how WAN Monitoring can benefit your business? Be sure to attend our WAN monitoring webinar. We’ll answer any questions you might have and share how outsourcing compares with insourcing WAN monitoring. 


August 29, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore