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Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs DRaaS (And Fast!)

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Many businesses in the manufacturing industry have struggled—or neglected—to stay ahead of the game when it comes to security preparedness, but this negligence bears huge costs.

Without proper safeguards in place, cyberattacks like ransomware can swiftly ruin your bottom line and brand reputation to the point of putting you out of business.

This blog explains why the manufacturing industry has become an attractive target for cyberattacks and how Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can provide the security and peace of mind you need.

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Why Manufacturing Businesses Are Targets for Cyberattacks

Robert Herjavec, Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of Herjavec Group, explains that hackers are targeting the manufacturing industry because it’s focused on efficiency and innovation—not security.

“It’s still a relatively new concept to put security top of mind and it can be difficult to grasp the scope of the risk,” explains Herjavec.

Even for manufacturing businesses hoping to improve security, large manufacturing environments can be complicated to keep up-to-date with new policies or technologies. Not to mention the large number of connected machines at manufacturing plants, where almost any connected device could serve as an open door to cybercriminals.

Herjavec points out that hackers take advantage of the manufacturing industry not only for potential financial gain, but also to get their hands on intellectual property, which “tops the list of cyber threats to manufacturers.”

According to Herjavec, “28 percent of manufacturing organizations reported a loss of revenue due to cyberattack(s) last year” and “95 percent of manufacturing security professionals responding to a survey said cybersecurity breaches have driven improvements at their companies.”

But don’t wait for a cyberattack to strike your business to realize you need better security! It’s far better to proactively take charge of your security than be blindsided by a devastating attack.

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How to Take Charge of Your Security

Herjavec urges manufacturing businesses to make cybersecurity a top priority, including:

  • Develop a formal security strategy
  • Conduct regular security assessments, reviews, and audits
  • Ensure you are prepared for an emergency with an incident response plan
  • Train and educate your employees
  • Stay up-to-date and aware of cybersecurity best practices
  • Ensure visibility across your environment with 24/7 monitoring either by your team or a Managed Services Provider
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Have Questions or Need Help with Cybersecurity?

Want top-notch cybersecurity without the burden? Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), where a third-party service provider hosts and continually replicates your servers to enable failover in the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe.

LightBound’s DRaaS is the ultimate in cybersecurity solutions:

  • Any time there are file changes, DRaaS replicates those changes to a different location geographically
  • Both your data and infrastructure are protected with the most secure technologies in the industry
  • We handle getting all your apps, files and systems back up and running with lightning speed
  • Non-disruptive failover tests can be performed at any time
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by our skilled support staff
  • Failover allows you to continue normal business operations until you are able to restore your on-premises environment to normal
  • The burden of recovery is placed on us so you can get back to what you do best
  • LightBound maintains complete compliance with industry standards

Cyberattacks don’t stand a chance against DRaaS!

Not sure where to start or where you stand when it comes to cybersecurity? Sign up today for a FREE, one-hour tech assessment with zero obligations. LightBound’s experts will help you better understand your current situation and answer any questions you might have about protecting your business from cyberattacks.

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June 28, 2018 / by Dane Dittemore